Paul McGowan

Paul McGowan is an Edmonton based musician and songwriter who sings and plays guitar, piano, djembe and clarinet. Paul sings and plays lead guitar with The McGowan Family Band and Prairie Rock. Past musical projects for Paul include Knee Deep In Grass, Big River and The Fabulous Bee Feeders. Paul also plays electric and acoustic guitars with many different friends and as a solo act/street performer. He loves jambands, music festivals, mountains, and camping in the snow. You can catch Paul performing on Whyte Avenue in Edmonton on any given night of the week.

Dr. Free Love

Mark McGowan

Mark McGowan has a wide range of musical influences and continues to progress in his drumming styles and techniques. Thought of by many as The McGowan Family Band drummer, Mark also plays guitar, sings and writes. As a proud father of three boys, family and music continue to be important to Mark and his love is felt throughout his passionate performances. Past projects include The Fabulous Beefeeders, The Virgo Supercluster and Mad Volcano.

Old Man

Sean McGowan

Sean McGowan is the youngest of the three McGowan brothers, and loves playing music with his family. He sings, plays guitar, bass, clarinet, piano, and experiments with electronic sounds. Sean is also an instrument repair technician and a recording engineer with McGowan Family Productions. His hard work and dedication have proved him to be a great force in The McGowan Family Band, and when he's rocking out hard you can't help but to smile with him. 

Neck Beard

Sean Brewer

Sean Brewer comes from a talented musical family and adds rich texture to The McGowan Family Band's sound through his bass, guitar, vocals and banjo playing. Sean is a diverse songwriter and has been an integral part of the Edmonton music scene for over fifteen years. Currently performing with Sean Brewer and The Switchmen, Tallest to Shortest, The Uncas, Ayla Brook & The Soundmen and various guest spots including backing his father (Gary Brewer) in his projects Smoked Folk and The Last. 

J to the K

Jason Kodie


Jason Kodie joined up with the McGowan Family band for their 4/20 gig in 2014, bringing his keyboard/organ/space jam sound to the fold. Pure love of music is what he digs and he immediately found solace and a rejuvenation with the bros McGowan. Watching the band in 2011 at a gig, Jason remarked to his buddy 'Man, I'd love to just jam with these guys' and as fate would have it...
Jason is also currently performing with Le Fuzz and Captain Tractor among various hosting duties and guest spots all around Canada.

Ryan Holmes

Ryan Holmes was inducted into The McGowan Family Band officially in the Summer of 2016 at the North Country Fair. After numerous special guest spots over the years, Ryan has now found a place in the band, utilizing his warm bass lines and passion for all things jammy. Ryan also performs with The James Band and Antique Hearts, he has also been in an assortment of projects including River and Castle, The Trees, Rellik and The Dirty Boots and more. When Ryan plays the bass you do not just hear it, you feel it.