The McGowan Family Band is an Edmonton based musical ensemble dedicated to producing innovative music and high energy shows that are accessible to a wide audience of musical tastes and ages. With musical influences that include rock, folk, reggae, jazz, blues, and the jamband scene, The McGowan Family Band enjoys playing to new audiences on a regular basis. The McGowan Family Band’s nucleus consists of brothers Paul McGowan (guitar, vocals), Mark McGowan (drums, percussion, vocals, guitar) and Sean McGowan (guitar, vocals, bass). Playing and creating music was a large part of their up-bringing, and continues to be a collective passion. The current McGowan Family Band line-up is rounded out by Ryan Holmes (bass, guitar, vocals), Sean Brewer (guitar, vocals), and Jason Kodie (organ, keyboards, vocals). In February of 1999, The McGowan Family Band played their debut show to an appreciative crowd in Edmonton. Since then, the band has made numerous public appearances at fundraisers, clubs, ballrooms, theatres, and outdoor festivals.